The Winter is Coming

The House Stark (House Stark of Winterfell) was one of the large houses of Westeros, which ruled from their family home Winterfell over the north.

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest aristocratic families on the continent, whose lineage dates back more than 8,000 years. The head of the house is also Lord of Winterfell. Before the conquest by the House Targaryen House Stark held the title King of the North. In her possession was one of the few Valyrian steel swords, the two-handed called Ice.

The coat of arms of the house shows a gray shadow wolf on a gray background, sometimes on white and light green ground. You are one of the few houses whose motto is not a boast or a threat; instead, they use the cautionary words, "Winter is approaching."

It is an unwritten law that always a Stark must be in Winterfell.


Story in the game:

In the game you start in the north and owns Winterfell. It would be advisable to try as soon as possible to occupy the whole north and then head south. But above all, you should pay close attention to what the Greyjoy are doing, or perhaps to pay attention to whether the Baratheon want to venture north. This has always been our game experience.

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