The House Lennister (House Lannister of Casterly Rock) is one of the great houses of Westeros. It is one of the richest, most powerful and oldest dynasties. Their lands are located in the extreme west of the continent, with once very productive gold mines. Its seat is Casterlystein, a mighty fortress on a promontory overlooking the sea of ​​dusk. At the foot of Casterlystein lies Lennishort, the third largest city of Westeros.


They are the rulers of the Westlands and Guardians of the West. Head of the House and Lord of Casterlystein is Tywin Lennister.


The coat of arms of the house shows a rising golden lion on a red background. Her official motto is "hear me roar!", Which is rarely mentioned. More widespread is their unofficial slogan "A Lennister always pays his debt.", Which is mostly used in a negative context.


The House Lennister can raise an army of about 60,000 men relatively quickly. With their immense wealth, the Lennister forces are among the best-equipped troops in the Seven Kingdoms, though the House of Tyrell can field much larger armies. In addition to the army, the Lennisters also have a modest fleet in Lennishort, which was once destroyed in a preemptive strike by the brothers of Balon Graufreud during the Grevre Rebellion.


Another unofficial motto is "Rich as a Lennister," as this is the wealthiest of all the great houses, and next to the Bank of Bravos is the greatest believer of the iron throne.


Story in the game:


In the game you start in the west of Westeros with Casterlystein and has in the beginning most supply barrels. The biggest problem with the Lennister is that you almost always come into conflict with other families, mostly with the Greyjoy and the Tyrell. That means you quickly need a large army and should make alliances (which you can then break again later). So in our games it is the most difficult with the Lennister and nobody has ever won with them.


Hear  me  roar

"A Lannister Always Pays His Debts" 

(common saying)

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