The house Graufreud is one of the big houses of Westeros. It reigns over the Iron Islands, a rugged and desolate cluster of islands on the west coast of the continent. Their headquarters is the castle Peik on the island of the same name. The head is titled Lord Reaper von Peik.


The coat of arms of the house Graufreud shows a golden octopus on a black background. Her motto is "We do not sow."


The house Graufreud leads his line back to the Gray King. A legendary king of the Iron Islands, who is said to have ruled for a thousand years and married a mermaid. Like the majority of Ironmen, Graufreuds also worship the Drowned God. To survive, they regularly raided their neighbors and stuck to the plan to invade the mainland.


During the reign of Lord Balon Graufreud, the Graufreuds rebelled eight years before the events in the series against King Robert Baratheon. Balons sons Rodrik and Maron were killed in the hopeless conflict. Balon's last surviving son Theon was given as ward to Lord Eddard Stark to ensure his loyalty to King Robert. Balon, his only daughter, Asha and his three brothers survived the rebellion.


As the War of the Five Kings breaks out, Balon takes the opportunity to launch a new rebellion. Theon reveals his loyalty to King Robb Stark and joins his father.



Story in the game:

In the game you start with Peik and an area on the mainland. With the Graufreuds one has the most ships, because they are safe from the protection of the Lennister needed. At the same time you should bring some ships as fast as possible to the north to stir up trouble there. With the land armies one should conquer fast water and Maidengraben. Perhaps an alliance with the Tyrell or me is beneficial to the Baratheon, to employ the Lennisters. The Graufreud certainly belong to the most difficult families in Westeros, with us they have already triumphed 3 times but only with betrayal and fraud.


We do not sow

"What Is Dead May Never Die"

 (common saying)

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