The House Baratheon (House Baratheon of Storm's End) was one of the great houses of Westeros and the former ruling house. It was founded by Orys, the alleged half-brother of Aegon Targaryen, and descends

in a female line from the house Durrandon.

It is the youngest of the big houses.

The classic coat of arms of the house shows a black deer on a golden background. Their motto is: "Our anger is". After the successful rebellion of Robert Baratheon, he mounted the Iron Throne and added a golden crown to the deer of his coat of arms as a symbol of the new royal house.

The traditional seat of the house is the fortress Sturmkap. However, after their victory over the Targaryen also their ancient island fortress Dragon stone was one of their strongholds, while the king resided in the capital Königsmund.

The death of King Robert triggered the war of the five kings. Inside Baratheon, several members claimed Robert's inheritance and thus the throne, causing the house to fall into rival family branches:



Story in the game:


In the game you start only with Drachenstein but is from the beginning king. That's why you should get on the mainland as fast as possible. Sturmkap is well suited as the first castle to conquer. Then you should conquer KINGS LANDING as fast as possible, although it is certainly one of the hardest fortress you can bring. At the same time you should also be aware of the Martell because they are not far away. The Tyrell and Lennister will certainly be a major threat during the game. The Barahteon won the most with us.


Ours is the wrath

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